OminFAB specializes in a lean, flexible approach to manufacturing that produces shorter lead times, smaller batch sizes, less inventory and overhead. This results in lower costs for you. Our wide range of capabilities provide a consolidated, yet comprehensive resource for your assembly, testing and inventory handling needs. OmniFAB's manufacturing & assembly services are customized to your specific requirements, from simple mechanical assemblies to complex electro-mechanical components

Value-added benefits of ominFAB's Assembly and Integration services:

  • Complete turnkey, design-build services
  • Broad range of expertise, from simple mechanical assemblies to intricate electro-mechanical components
  • Testing, validation & configuration control
  • Strategic supply chain management
  • Custom packaging and distribution
  • Kanban stocking and replenishment services

Our customers have come to rely on our full turnkey, design-build services to ease their burden of coordinating the numerous logistics challenges that are involved in a product. OmniFAB's lean approach to manufacturing focuses on eliminating waste in every step of the process, including design details for manufacturability, supplier sourcing, setup and tooling, work cell layouts and process controls.

We focus on creating custom manufacturing solutions to produce a consistent, high quality product that is on-time and within budget. Our assembly and integration specialists are experienced in efficiently handling a variety of products from simple components to complex assemblies, thereby increasing productivity, lowering your costs and reducing lead time to market.

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